Timing Belt Replacement

What is the function of a timing belt?

Simply put, the timing belt is a large rubber drive belt that rotates with the engine, keeping the crankshaft in sync with the camshaft.  The crankshaft turns the timing belt, the timing belt turns the camshaft and so allowing the engine valves to open and close at the correct time.

Why do I need to replace the timing belt?

By not replacing the timing belt you are running the risk of significant engine damage. This can result in very high cost engine repairs that could have been easily avoided.

EZ Automotive offers all of our clients (new & previous) a FREE multi-point inspection anytime and every time. During this FREE inspection your qualified technician will inspect the timing belt, all drive belts, brakes and fluids.  Hey!! we even top up your fluids FREE of charge just for coming by.

How long does it take to replace the timing belt in my car?

Ideally we would like to have your vehicle with us for the full day.  We know that you have a busy schedule so don’t worry.  We can come pick up the car from your home or work and drop it back to you when we are done.  Need a ride somewhere?  That’s no problem either, it would be our pleasure.

Choosing EZ Automotive to replace your timing belt ensures that you are having the job done right. We may recommend replacing the water pump at the same time as replacing the timing belt.  This is because the water pump is very accessible when we remove the old timing belt and ultimately saves money for future water pump replacement.  

Our technicians are qualified, master technicians with years of experience behind them. Although we offer the best rates in town, we never compromise on quality. We use only the best quality parts and did we mention that we will beat any competitors price significantly.


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