5/12/16, 1:19 pm     Yelp 5 stars

Joan B.     Santa Barbara, CA     5/4/2016     Yelp 5 stars

TO all the women out there…….This guy is straight forward, honest and fair. I took my car in for an oil change. (Cheapest around) he didn’t try to up sell me nothing…or  scare me into believing i needed more stuff done…He’s just a good guy…Give this place a try…


Giann F.     Santa Barbara, CA     3/31/2016     Yelp 5 stars

John is a true professional. He is patient, understanding and has superb customer service. He repairs what truly needs to be repaired at the time and doesn’t push you towards any path. He guides you along the process, helping you understand and learn about your vehicle along the way. His prices are extremely reasonable and he runs a first class business.

100 percent recommend.

Kristine D.     Santa Barbara, CA     3/29/2016     Yelp 5 stars

I highly recommend EZ Automotive and John. Overall, I had a great experience. He is so smart and knowledgeable. He also gives great recommendations. KNOWS HIS STUFF!!!



Brad E.     Santa Barbara, CA     2/10/2016     Yelp 5 stars

First experience here with John was a great one. He performed quick, reliable and friendly service full of explanations and showing me the problems. After being duped a couple times in town by other shops, John is a breath of fresh air in an industry that can be quite deceitful. He showed me the problems and didnt try to push any unnecessary repairs down my throat to make an extra buck. Thanks John!



Margo H.     Santa Barbara, CA     1/6/2016     Yelp 5 stars

John Birchall is the owner of this auto repair business (at the corner of Nopal and Cota) and could not be more personable, helpful or skilled.  I made an appointment for this morning and brought my Camry in for an oil change, tire rotation, and brake check, per an advertised special.  As my 60,000 mile service is due this year, John answered all my questions and recommended services for the future.  He cleaned my air filter and cabin air filter, at no charge, to hold me over until I can replace them at my next oil change.  I am impressed by this business and plan to return.


Thomas W.     Los Angeles, CA     8/20/2015     Yelp 5 stars

My wife was traveling with her sister on a short overnight jaunt to SB.  Her power window got stuck in the down position and had to hunt down someone to fix it quickly.
A local recommended EZ and we’re so glad they did!
John diagnosed the problem and fixed it in a reasonable time frame for a reasonable price (for a Mercedes) and even followed up with a text the next day to make sure the fix held.
I wish I lived in SB so John could be my full time mechanic.



Michael M.     Healdsburg, CA     8/18/2015     Yelp 5 stars

Impeccable service–this is what the luxury car dealers should be offering!
John, the owner, is a treasure. He helped us out with 2 cars in 1 day! And the work was excellent. Plus, his rates were very reasonable.
Sum total? Fantastic service, first-rate mechanic, and great price!


J K.     Santa Barbara, CA     7/30/2015     Yelp 5 stars

I dropped in my wife’s car in here recently as it had an on-going electrical issue, which despite numerous hours on my part, frustratingly, I could not get to the bottom of.
John was excellent, he spotted what the issue was and able to diagnose and fix it very quickly.

The service was friendly and knowledgeable and I was extremely satisfied with them.

They’ll be getting all the service work on my wife’s car and now the service work on my truck too!

K F.     Santa Barbara, CA     7/27/2015     Yelp 5 stars

I got a coupon for EZ Automotive and wasn’t really happy with the mechanic I’ve been seeing up until now so I decided to give them a try for my car’s 5,000 mile checkup, and I’m so glad I did. They were a little hard to find because they don’t have their sign up yet, but once I found them they were very friendly and I feel like they were very thorough in looking at everything to make sure it was in good condition, which was something I didn’t feel my previous mechanic was very reliable about.
They also noticed that one of my shock absorbers is leaking, but told me it was still under warranty and that my dealer should fix it for free. I wasn’t aware of the warranty so they could easily have not told me that and done the repair themselves and I would never have known, but I appreciate their honesty and that will keep me coming back.
They gave me a great deal price-wise and not only did they wash my car on the outside, they did the inside too, which I’ve never seen a mechanic do but it’s the kind of extra service I really appreciate. I would have cleared out more of the junk in my car if I knew that they were going to do that! Next time I’ll know, and there will definitely be a next time.

Great mechanic, I highly recommend them. Thank you John and team!



Joseph B.      Dublin     8/13/2015     Yelp 5 stars

Great service and best garage in town! They really went out of their way to sort out all of my issues. Thanks, guys!



Pamela M.     Santa Barbara, CA     8/5/2015     Yelp 5 stars

Great service, they collected my car, repaired it (timing belt job) and returned it running great, all clean and at a very reasonably price. Explained the job in plain english without trying to over sell me services I didn’t need, allowed me to make an informed decision.

Would strongly recommend this shop for all your automotive needs.

Thanks guys!


Zach H.     Los Angeles, CA     8/1/2015     Yelp 5 stars

Wow! Had a great experience here! Was in town for one day for work and was having an issue with (what i thought was) my brakes. John stepped up..talked me through the process and made me feel right at home. Took my car for a quick test drive and located my problem with my hub and bearings…not my brakes. He did also check my brakes and gave me the percentage wear on them and when i should replace.
But back to the REAL problem…I had a tight turnaround and John made sure to have my car m=ready to go when I needed to be back on the road…which was later that day.

Above all…amazing service, great care and quality. Would 100% recommend these guys to anybody. Thinking of driving up from LA just to have them replace my brakes. Once you find a good trustworthy mechanic, it’s hard to look elsewhere.

Thanks John!