Factory Warranty Maintenance


Those living in Santa Barbara can fully rely on the car maintenance and repair services offered at EZ Automotive and more specifically on brakes repair and maintenance. In most times, car owners will find themselves in difficult situations due to failure to repair their brakes regularly.

Maintenance of break as well as their repair is important for some of the following reasons:

  • Instant stoppage of a car when brakes are pressed
  • Reduction of wear and tear due to friction
  • Reduction of replacement of tires, among many more reasons

Many car owners live by the mediocrity that they do not require to check on their brakes more often as they say that the brake pedals are not open to great wear and tear as they are located between the accelerator and the clutch pedals. However, living by this mentality is always not right as these brakes are always pressed whenever a vehicle is being started and also when the vehicle is just about to stop or even slow down.

Considering such factors, it is recommended that car owners often and regularly repair and maintain their brakes. More to this they should understand that breaks should be checked once every year to ensure they are at high standards. However, under some circumstances, this checking can be increased to surpass the above-aforementioned rate of once per year under any of the following situations:

  • When the vehicle is traveling long distances more often
  • During the summer seasons as the brakes are bound to wear out due to overheating resulting from hot weather
  • Whenever the vehicle is going for an overall check up, and
  • When the car owner feels that it’s necessary for the brake repair and maintenance, among many other situations that may be necessary for the same.

A car owner that undergoes a regular brake check up is in a better position compared to the one who lacks the same.

This is due to reasons such as:

  • Reduced chances of causing accidents on the road as a result of instant non-responding brakes
  • Reduction in time spent at the garage repairing the brakes
  • Reduction in cost as there will be minimum replacements of other parts.

It’s, therefore, important to keep a regular check up on the brakes as more often as possible so as to ensure an effective car on the road.