Air Filter Replacement


Your engine needs a mixture of air and fuel to work correctly. It is very important that only clean air enters your engine other wise contaminants such as dust, sand or pollutants will enter the  cylinders.

Normally located inside a black housing box but on some modern cars it can be concealed into the engine cover making it harder to find and more difficult to replace. Some engines have more than one air filter. It is typically made from pleated paper-like material and as the air flows through the air filter, dirt and other objects are trapped and blocked from passing through.

It is very often over looked but replacing your engine’s air filter is one of the most inexpensive maintenance items to replace and highly beneficial.


Without air your engine will not operate properly or efficiently.  A clean air filter increases gas mileage, reduces harmful emissions, improves acceleration, extends engine life while enhances engine performance.

Your filter can only hold so much dirt and once the filter is full, dirt will pass through and into the engine. This dirt then enters the combustion chamber, causes excessive wear to pistons and cylinders, reduces fuel economy, dirt may also affect the Mass Air Flow Sensor causing drivability problems.


Your car’s air filter condition should be checked at every routine service. The air filter should be removed from the car and visually inspected – it’s the only way to tell if it needs replacing. And how often should you replace your car air filter? easy answer -when it is dirty. Most common practice is to replace your vehicle air filter every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Your car manufacturer will recommend replacing the air filter at a certain mileage interval but it all depends on how dirty the air is that passes through the air filter. If you drive where there is lots of dust, sand, pollution, pollen and bugs in the air, your engine’s air filter will get dirty quicker and need to be replaced sooner.

City / stop and go driving, unpaved / off road, beach / rural areas where there is a lot of dust and sand in the air, then the air filter would need to be replaced more frequently. On the other hand if if you seldom use your car then the air filter would require to be replaced less often.


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If an auto repair shop suggest replacing your air filter you can always ask to see a new air filter and compare it side by side with your car’s air filter. You can then decide how dirty your filter is and always check that the filter they are installing is the same and the right filter for your car.

Air Filter Facts….

-For every 1 gallon of gas the engine burns it requires 10,000 gallons of air

-A clean air filter will improve gas mileage by as much as 14% and may increase acceleration by up to 11% potentially saving up to 15 cents per gallon of gas.

– Modern engines require a precise amount of air to fuel ratio to perform correctly and maximise fuel economy.

-Engine air filter is for the air entering the engine and not to be confused with the pollen / cabin air filter which is for the air entering the passenger compartment.